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12 easy hacks from successful engineers to enhance productivity

17 Apr, 2018

Why cities are an absolute dream for infrastructure cyber attacks

16 Apr, 2018

Technology helps influencers dodge regulations and avoid charges

15 Apr, 2018

After more people get online, the pressure of commenting gets worse

14 Apr, 2018

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The fake news about innovative tech apps are up to us to suppress

10 Jan, 2019

This one is dedicated to artificial intelligence that is supposedly going to optimize the task of writing history drafts in 2019 rather than spending tens or hundreds of hours synthesising information.

How solar power could become a victim of its own success

8 Jan, 2019

It’s amazing what modern technologies can do for a human. However, there are some negative aspects in making solar energy so popular among other tools designed for ecology safety measures.

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6 Jan, 2019

This upcoming year gives us plenty “delicious” ideas of which gadgets to purchase and the gear that is worth our attention for engineering projects. Stay tuned for more reviews and get ready for…

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Quantum-enabled hackers become a real threat to all blockchains

4 Jan, 2019

Lack of sleep? Neurostimulation will help to get it under control

2 Jan, 2019

The struggle to stop climate change for good is overrated by scientists

30 Dec, 2018

How small robots may kill the tractor and make farming efficient

28 Dec, 2018

Big data and its role in solving today’s world housing crisis

26 Dec, 2018

Big data plays a major role in real estate business. To be specific, it keeps track of market changes, analysis, applications and investment research. It can serve as a tool for solving the…

These are the best laptops for any budget in 2019

24 Dec, 2018

Our professional reviewers have combined the list of the most awesome laptops for corporate and personal use. Learn which one will suit a gamer, an engineer, or a housewife. Shout out to our…

Emergency services can now rely on phone usage in the air

22 Dec, 2018

The live video streaming function is now live for global ambulance services during transportation and emergency landings in terms of helicopters and plains. Check out the the footage from the UK.

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